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Discovery Canada

Furhat belongs to the world of the Jetsons – it’s a robot with character and personality. This computer is human-like – it smiles, frowns and raises its eyebrows just like people do when we’re having a conversation and it has a sense of humour to boot.


Ashlee Vance from Bloomberg meets Furhat in “Hello World: Sweden” showing the best tech startups outside Silicon Valley.




2017-03-16 News Scientist feature Furhat’s observations on participation inequalities

2017-01-03 Furhat featured in Daily Planet at Discovery Channel

2016-11-11 Face before screen – KTH Magazine (in Swedish)

2016-10-21 Furhat wins EdTech Startup Awards 2016! (in Swedish)

2016-09-26 Furhat showcases  its AI platform IP EXPO Nordic

2016-09-12 Furhat Robotics – The human face of AI visits Silicon Valley with EIT Digital

2016-09-08 Furhat is attending Interspeech 2016. See you there in September!

2016-08-25 Ruptly TV – Social Robot designed to recognize very early stages of Alzheimer

2016-08-20 Furhat featured in an article at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation

2016-07-17 Furhat in Veckans Affärer “När kan vi robotisera Per Schlingmann?” (in Swedish)

2016-07-11 Social Robot to Help Senile Swedes Struggling With Dementia – Sputnik International

2016-07-07 Furhat in Swedish newspaper DN about dementia (in Swedish)

2016-07-04 Furhat showcases its first robot replica of a Swedish industry minister – featured in Expressen TV (in Swedish)

2016-06-14 Interview with Furhat’s CEO Samer  Al Moubayed in cover article in Entreprenör Magazine (in Swedish)

2016-05-19 Furhat as a tool for social auxiliary means and rehabilitation – Neuroförbundet (in Swedish) 

2016-05-13 Furhat is picked up by Trendhunter

2016-05-13 Furhat is picked up by FPSK, an innovation insight newsletter

2016-05-11 Furhat featured in the We First blog

2016-05-04 Furhat featured in the South Korean news website Viva 100 (in Korean)

2016-04-29 Furhat is featured in the chinese blog Robot Mocha (in Mandarin)

2016-04-27 Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance meet Furhat in “Hello World” as one of top tech startups outside Silicon Valley

2016-04-27 Furhat is featured in Tech.Mic, commenting on uncanny valley

2016-01-29 Article in “Svenskt Näringsliv” about Furhat’s flagship project in schools (in Swedish)


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