Robot Java Developer

About us

Furhat Robotics is building the world’s first social artificial intelligence platform, and through that is rethinking computation. Our prime innovation is Furhat, an award-winning robot head that uses social intelligence to interact with humans using natural language and gesture. Furhat Robotics is a spin-off from KTH the Royal Institute of Technology that was started by world-leading scientists, and is at the bleeding edge in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Furhat Robotics is a small startup on its way to global expansion. We work with some of the world’s most creative and innovative corporations, such as the Wald Disney company, Honda Robotics, Intel, Toyota, KPMG and many universities around the world, and work towards building a worldwide developer community and an ecosystem that contributes in creating new and applications for Furhat. Some of the applications we are developing for Furhat today are in education, healthcare, therapy, public space interaction, and collaborative robotics.

If this is not exciting enough, Furhat during the last year, also has won several international awards, and travelled the world presenting its innovations and creating collaborations.

See Furhat in action:


Job brief

We are looking for a Robot Java Developer with experience in Java and web applications. You will be designing and continue to build on the robot platform and user applications for Furhat.

The platform includes, speech technology, dialogue systems, computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, UI and sensors. All come together to create social interactions between robots and humans.

You will have responsibilities from day one and you will work with projects at the cutting edge of technology.
Your opinions and ideas will matter to us, as we are looking forward to bring new talent people to be a part of our journey.  Furhat’s DNA is very important to us, and we are building a company that is creative, transparent, and believe in team-play, fun, and that people grow with responsibility.



– BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent experience.
– A couple of years of working experience with Java.
– Experience with C++ and C#.
– Have broad experience in software engineering and design patterns.
– Feel comfortable working in an agile environments with plenty of things going on and short release cycles.
– Believe you are a fast learner. Unless you’re an expert in all the above, you’ll need to pick up a few things along the way.
– Love reading and writing code, and love even more reading and writing elegant and organized code that your team can develop on and use.



– Interest or experience in speech technology or natural language processing
– Experience in building conversational systems.
– Have worked and integrated sensors such as the Kinect, and used speech technology or computer vision in application development.


Send your CV or follow-up questions by e-mail:
Please do not contact us if you are a recruiter or offer offshore developers.