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In May 2018, Furhat Robotics and DB Systel, the innovation arm of DB, first showcased FRAnny, a multilingual robot assistant at Frankfurt airport. What started as an exploration into the travel experience of the future has now turned into a long-term collaboration to deliver persistent and long term value in public spaces.

At most airports and stations today, human customer service agents have been replaced with signs and touchscreens, that display limited information in only one or two languages. DB’s vision is to create a more human, intuitive robot assistant that can answer questions related to departure times, delays, directions to gates, facilities etc, in over 35 languages!

At DB Systel, our aim is to develop the next generation of traveller services and in Furhat, we have a partner at the cutting edge of robotics.

Dr. Kais Samkari, Team Lead at DB Systel

We are thrilled to say that DB have extended the partnership and are currently developing commercial concierge robots that have already been deployed at airports and stations in Germany and Japan. The next step is to have robots assisting passengers at all major train stations during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

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