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Can robots help overburdened healthcare services?


Merck Sweden are one of our earliest adopters and passionate supporters. In an exciting collaboration with the potential to reshape the way medical professionals approach early detection and diagnosis, they have developed PETRA, a social robot that has the ability to detect signs of three of the world’s most common, yet under-diagnosed, diseases: diabetes, alcoholism and hypothyroidism.

With digital health services becoming the most likely solution to overburdened health systems across the globe, the goal of PETRA is to raise awareness and educate people about potential health risks, whilst simultaneously alleviating the social barrier that people often feel when discussing stigmatized health issues with a human.

There is growing consensus that a better way to solve a lot of the health problems we face today is by living healthier, more active lifestyles complemented with more proactive and personalized medical treatments. PETRA is our first foray in social robotics and we could not be more happy with the result.

Bettina Bauer, Managing Director, Merck Sweden

After a successful pilot in Stockholm in December 2018, Merck have now extended the project and plan to launch a commercial product in 2020.

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