Meet the
Furhat Robot

Human-like gestures and emotions

Display complex expressions without the mechanical limitations of other technologies. Furhat comes with a selection of pre-built expressions and gestures which can be further customized to fit any character.

A face for any occasion

Furhat’s face can be customized in several ways to create unique characters with their own personalities and quirks... just like a real human!


Directional audio via two Hi-Fi 2.5" speakers allows virtual speech direction. Our system supports a wide array of high quality text-to-speech voices in over 30 languages. You can also record your own voice and have Furhat lip sync automatically.

Eyes and ears

A wide-angle, high fidelity camera and beamforming stereo microphones give Furhat outstanding situational awareness.

Movements (3 DOF)

Natural head movements using three degrees of freedom allow Furhat to direct attention to you and objects around you in group interactions.

Changeable masks

Choose between any of our standard masks or create your own mask for a completely personalized robot-persona. When you change mask, the robot’s persona will change with it.

Technical specifications

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 410mm x 270mm x 220mm
Power Input 12V, 90W
Computer Intel Core i5 7260U, 64-bit, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, 8GB RAM, 120 GB SSD
Body: Arctic White
Front mesh: Dawncloud Grey
Intel Wireless-AC 8265
Integrated LAN
2x USB A
1x USB-C
3.5mm Headphone Jack
180mm wide stereo microphone
1080p RGB 135° diagonal FOV Camera
13.56MHz (Mifare) RFID Reader
Rotary wheel with click function
Illuminated swappable mask system
Custom-tuned, 2.5" hi-fidelity stereo speakers
Custom 160° wide angle projection system, WVGA resolution, RGB LED, 100 lumen
360° RGB LED ring, 144/meter density