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Greeter is a social robot designed to revolutionize the customer experience while letting your employees offload repetitive and mundane tasks.

A more social user expeience

Next time you are in a public space, look around you. Human beings have been replaced with signs and touchscreens that lack any social connection. We believe the best user experience is one where people can communicate naturally, the way we do with each other. This is something Greeter excels at.

Perfect in public

Greeter is a great fit for any situation where you need to grab people’s attention. Here are just some of the places Greeter can be used:

  • Showrooms & innovation Labs
  • Transport hubs
  • Academic institutes
  • Museums & libraries
  • Co-working spaces
  • Commercial spaces or store entrances
  • Trade fairs & expos
  • Waiting rooms & receptions

Seeing is believing

Greeter welcomes, answers questions and helps customers

In the wild

See how other early adopters are using Greeter to revolutionize the customer experience

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