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At Furhat we are passionate about understanding human behavior and social intelligence. We are passionate about building technology that is centered around empowering the human user. We believe in technology that works under human terms, and that the only way to build socially intelligent and aware robots that appear to come to life and that contribute social impact is by putting the human in the center spot.

We are at the very early beginning and we aim at leading a paradigm shift. Similar to the PC and smart-phone revolution, we believe that for social robots to reach their potential in society, the collective developer power of the world’s smartest and most creative needs to come together.

Furhat projects are aiming to disrupt established markets and processes, and we are looking for those who believe in innovation and want to be part in creating that next wave of intelligent technologies.

If Furhat Robotics’ mission relates to you, there are several ways to join us in this effort.


We are expanding and looking for the best and most creative and daring to join our team. Furhat team believes in transparency, life-long learning, creativity, play, and team work.

Quality Assurance Developer

We are looking for a Quality Assurance (QA) engineer to develop and execute exploratory and automated tests to ensure product quality. QA engineer responsibilities include designing and implementing tests, debugging and defining corrective actions, set up routines and implement that in our teams. You will monitor all stages of software …

Java Developer

We are looking for a Java Developer with experience in Java and web applications. You will be designing and continuing to build on the robot platform and user applications for Furhat. The platform includes, speech technology, dialogue systems, computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, UI and sensors. All come …

Full Stack Developer

We are seeking a Full Stack Developer to join the Furhat Development team to help build the Furhat Developer Studio for social robotic applications – the world’s first application development studio for conversational AI with robots. You will be working in a team of leading scientists and engineers within social …

Interface Designer

We are looking for an Interface Designer to build graphical user interfaces for the Furhat Developer Studio for social robot applications. You will be working in a team of leading scientists and engineers within social robotics with a focus on the Furhat Studio – used to build, test and simulate robot ..


Join us in a project and become the owner of a social robot application for your specific use case.
Furhat are targeting a selected number of partners to jointly enter into a project with the goal of building a commercial social robot application. We will do everything in our power to help you succeed and commercialise your own social robot application, whether it’s for internal use at your company or if you aim to distribute the application to new and existing customers.


Become a Furhat development or design partner and build social robot applications for customers and become certified as agency for building social robotics applications. Give customers without internal development teams a chance to become the owner of an application and position your business towards the early adopters of social robotics.