Radio Sweden: World first as local council uses robots to perform “unbiased” job interviews

Civilekenomen: På intervju med en robot (Swedish)

Daily Star: Robot hires human being in world first as AI conducts job interview

Dagens Nyheter: Snackade med en robot – fick nytt jobb (Swedish)

Frankfurter Rundschau: Zug um Zug zur künstlichen Intelligenz bei der Deutschen Bahn (German)

WeeTracker: Robot recruiters? You may have to impress a machine the next time you interview for a job

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Vocasphere: Mirai Komachi Furhat Robot unveiled

TechCrunch Japan: バンダイナムコと北欧スタートアップFurhatが目指す「人間とアニメキャラクターの現実世界での交流」 (Japanese)

The Times: A job intervivew with a robot – what could possibly go wrong?

ABC News Australia: Watch Jon Faine’s first interview with a robot on ABC Radio Melbourne

Svensk Verkstad: Världens första anställningsintervju med AI-robot genomförd i Stockholm (Swedish)

Engadget: AI and automation are making office life easier

Sapo 24: Robôs recrutadores e a promessa de uma entrevista de emprego imparcial (Portuguese)

WVXU, Cincinnati Public Radio:The Next Hiring Manager You Meet Could Soon Be A Robot

NTV: İsveç’te iş görüşmelerini yapay zekalı robot yapıyor (Turkish)

CNET Japan: ドイツ鉄道とJR東日本、胸像型ロボット「SEMMI」で顧客対応–スウェーデン企業が開発 (Japanese)

World Economic Forum: This robot interviewer is helping Sweden recruit without bias

South China Morning Post: From conducting job interviews to vocational training, Swedish start-up sees robots as a game changer

TV4 Nyhetsmorgon: 100 robotar intar nu Tekniska muséet i Stockholm (Swedish)

Recruiter: Unbiased AI robot Tengai recruits her first hire

Handelsblatt: Wenn der Roboter die Schilddrüse checkt (German)

Forbes: 2019 Forbes Under 30 Summit Asia Kicks Off In Hong Kong

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Bloovi: Waarom Rabobank een robot inzet voor het trainen van medewerkers in slechtnieuwsgesprekken (Dutch)

Recruiter: AI robot Tengai spins off as a separate company

Mashable: Meet the human-like social robot that could train you at your next job — Strictly Robots

Resumé: De är Näringslivets 150 Superkommunikatörer (Swedish)

CNBC TV18: ‘Unlike a human recruiter, we can control the robot’s behaviour in detail’

First Online: Ecco Tengai, il robot capace di provare emozioni (Italian)

Meet Tengai, the job interview robot who won’t judge you

Stockholm testar robotar i skolan – kan hjälpa mot lärarbristen (Swedish)

Furhat, a robot with the human touch, wants to hear your woes

TV Vest: Hils på roboten Furhat (Norwegian)

Deutsche Bahn stellt Auskunfts-Roboter vor (German)

Robot rekryterar utan magkänsla (Swedish)

AI-powered robot with customizable face and voice

Expressen: Stjärnorna festade efter elitkonferensen i natt (Swedish)

Sveriges Radio P1: En lätt deprimerad robot (Swedish)

TechTheLead: Furhat, the Social Robot That Takes Any Face You Want

The Times: Robot is just the job as an unbiased recruiter

Hightech: Инженеры представили алгоритм симуляции тревожного расстройства. Он нужен для создания робота-тренажера для психотерапевтов (Russian)

Psykologtidningen: Roboten Furhat ska träna psykologerna (Swedish)

Dagens Samhälle: Roboten rekryterar utan fördomar (Swedish)

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TechNadu: Preben Wik, Furhat Robotics: Social Robots Are Built on Human Evolution

The Local: Swedish job candidates to be grilled by robotic interviewer

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Guide to Recruitment Technology 2019: Rise of the Robot Recruiter

Das freundliche Gesicht vom Flughafen: Roboter “FRAnny” Weiss alles rund om den Airport

Forbes Romania: “Jurnalul de științe” de la Digi World prezintă robotul care ne va întâmpina la gară

Mitt I: Upplands-Bro blir först i världen att anställa en robot (Swedish)

SVT: Roboten Tengai sköter anställningsintervjuer i Upplands-Bro (Swedish)

BILD: Bahn-Roboter in Tokio – Unsere SEMMI hilft im Land des Lächelns (German)

Kyodo News: 2 AI robots to assist visitors during test trial at Tokyo Station

The Japan Times: AI robot duo to guide visitors during test trial at Tokyo Station

The Mainichi: ロボットが東京駅を案内 JR東が実証実験公開 (Japanese)

Stirile Pro TV: Interviu cu cel mai avansat robot social din lume. ”Sunt femei frumoase în România” (Romanian)

FORA: You need to tackle your unconscious bias before it ruins your company

Tetsudo: SEMMIとPepper、東京駅にてご案内ロボット評価試験をドイツ鉄道と共同実施 (Japanese)

NyTeknik: Här är alla vinnarna på 33-listan 2019 (Swedish)

Kronen Zeitung: Soziale Roboter: Wie Maschinen menschlicher werden (German)

BigGlobe: 採用面接さえロボットがやる時代!? 見た目や偏見に左右されない面接ロボ「Furhat」の振る舞いがほぼ人間! (Japanese)

Business Today India: Unbiased Recruiter

Fahrenheit Magazine: De sociale robot Tengai kan je interviewen tijdens je volgende werkafspraak (Dutch)

Business Traveller: Frankfurt airport trials talking head AI assistant

Sttinta si Technica: Cel mai avansat robot social din lume va fi la București în 21-22 mai (Romanian)

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Inavate: AI robot removes bias from job interviews

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Mashable: Robots could be conducting job interviews next year

Albawaba: Meet Tengai the Swedish Robot – The Only Unbiased Interviewer in the World?

Evaluating robots as teachers or partners in language learning exercises

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World economic forum: This robot could be conducting your next job interview

The Mind Unleashed: This Robot Head Could Be Your Job Interviewer in the Very Near Future

Daily Mail: Never be judged for wearing the wrong thing – Tengai takers bias otuoutof job interviews

Futurism: See the robot head that might interview you for your next job

BBC: Meet Tengai, the job interview robot who won’t judge you

Resumé: Så marknadsför Varun Atrey en av världens mest avancerade robotar (Swedish)

Framtidens jobbintervju kan ske med en robot (Swedish)

TV4 Malou Efter tio: “Talteknologi har exploderat den senaste tiden” (Swedish)

Furhat Robotics selected as finalist for coveted SXSW Innovation Award

Robot rekryterar utan magkänsla (Swedish)

Interviewing a social robot called Furhat on The Millennial Way Show

The Furhat is an empathetic robot that listens to all of your problems [Sticky or Not]

Robotics a big draw at techfest

Deras ai-robot rekryterar utan några fördomar (Swedish)

Meet the robot that trains employees by acting like an awful customer

Furhat, a robot with the human touch, wants to hear your woes

Social robot Furhat can take on multiple personalities

Meet Furhat: A social robot capable of taking on multiple personalities

Bortvald i rekryteringen? Kanske inte om en robot får bestämma (Swedish)

Furhat is a social robot for every situation

Svenska Furhat tar sin robot till marknaden: ”Explosion inom fem år” (Swedish)

Furhat robot aims turns to turn recruitment bias on its head

Svenska Furhat tar nästa kliv – nu börjar den sociala roboten säljas (Swedish)

New Social Robot Unveiled Live on Stage

Möt roboten som talar med dig (Swedish)

World’s most advanced AI robot that reads face expressions is stumped by BOTOX

Eerie lifelike robotic heads that moves, speaks and interacts with a person by reading human facial expressions is stumped by people with BOTOX

Robots have a diversity problem. This Swedish startup could change that

This robot could replace human receptionists

Dieses Unternehmen verpasst Robotern ein Gesicht (German)

Visage à la carte pour le robot à vocation sociale (French)

AI bot gets human expressions and other tech news

Furhat Robots Have Neither Fur Nor a Hat

Meet Furhat, sociable robot who makes multiple expressions

Furhat Robotics gives AI a face with its new humanoid social robot

Head full of expression and language chops aims to serve in business interactions

A Swedish Startup Company Just Unveiled an Eerily Realistic Social Robot

Furhat Robotics launches humanoid social robot with customisable face

Dieser Roboter kann jedes Gesicht annehmen (German)

Ce robot veut devenir votre meilleur ami (French)

Meet Furhat, the terrifying AI assistant with a face

Furhat Robotics puts a new face on AI interactions

Robot head is trained to move, speak and interact like a human (and can change its looks at the touch of a button)

This weird robotic head will be the friendly face of artificial intelligence

Furhat Robotics launches humanoid social robot with customisable face

Furhat Robotics launches humanoid social robot with customizable face

Här är svenska roboten som arbetstränar medarbetare (Swedish)

Stockholms-startup har presenterat social robot (Swedish)

Möt den svenska sociala roboten från Furhat – som kan tala och visa känslor (Swedish)

The World’s Most Advanced Social Robot is Here and You Can Choose its Face

Furhat Robotics’ new ‘social robot’ gives the AI assistant a face

Furhat Robotics gives AI a face with its new social robot

Social robotics platform reveals a new face for conversational artificial intelligence

Furhat interviewed on SVT (Swedish)

Furhat will reduce discrimination in recruitment processes (Swedish)

BBC Arabic’s 4Tech meet Furhat

MediaMonks’ new Swedish R&D department helps Furhat Robotics (Swedish)

TNG unveil Furhat as a robot recruiter

We feature in Veckans Affärer as one of the top 13 startups according to venture capitalists (Swedish)

Furhat robot trains employees in breaking bad news to customers (in Dutch)

The 31 Hottest Nordic Startups to look out for in 2018

Are emotionally intelligent bots the future of AI? Raconteur discusses

Robotdalen present Furhat’s involvement at Elmia Automation (Swedish)

Furhat is named amongst Sweden’s hottest tech startups by NyTeknik (Swedish)

NyTeknik discover Furhat’s many faces

Socially intelligent robot steals the show

The Guardian delve into ‘The ghost in the machine’

DB Systel introduce FRAnny, an electronic robot concierge deployed in Frankfurt airport to help answers questions of passing travelers

Frankfurt Airport deploy Furhat (In German)

Halmstad University use Furhat to assist students with dyslexia in reading text (Swedish)

Den Norske Bank (DNB)are working on developing digital customer service solutions, with Furhat at the forefront (Norwegian)

Furhat features in FutureTravelX as one of 17 solutions that has the potential to transform the everyday traveler’s airport experience

Expo News discuss the top conference and exhibitor updates from the Passenger Terminal Expo 2018, featuring FRAnny the robot

Dagens Nyheter meet Furhat and discuss FRAnny the robot (Swedish)

Robot teaches SFI students Swedish

Inc. Magazine delve into the task of building AI systems without implicit biases

Forbes analyses therelaxed “human” quality that sets Furhat apart from all other robots on the market

BBC Look North interview Durham University on how they are pinning their hopes on Furhat to help autistic children improve their confidence

Electronic Tidningen interview our co-founder, Gabriel Skantze, about the capabilities of present day social robots

The Mail Online brings Furhat into the spotlight in the UK

Furhat Robotics says ‘hello’ to the acceptable face of artificial intelligence

Forbes writes that Disney And Intel Are Looking For Growth From This Stockholm Social Robot Maker

Balderton Capital announce lead role in $2.5m seed round

Daniel Waterhouse (Balderton Capital VC) expresses his excitement at the opportunity of working alongside Furhat Robotics – Disney Bets on Furhat: The Social Robotics Company Closes $2.5M

TechEU announces that Furhat Robotics raises $2.5 million

KTH Company Furhat Robotics raises $2.5m in seed round

SverigesRadio discussing the future of voice communication at Interspeech 2017

nterspeech 2017 on communication between man and machine

Globalme list Furhat Robotics in top 5 companies to meet at Interspeech 2017

Lugn&Ro develops upon Furhat for healthcare applications

New Scientist feature Furhat’s observations on participation inequalities

Furhat featured in Daily Planet at Discovery Channel

Face before screen – KTH Magazine (in Swedish)

Furhat wins EdTech Startup Awards 2016! (in Swedish)

Furhat showcases its AI platform IP EXPO Nordic

Furhat Robotics – The human face of AI visits Silicon Valley with EIT Digital

Furhat is attending Interspeech 2016. See you there in September!

Ruptly TV – Social Robot designed to recognize very early stages of Alzheimer

Furhat featured in an article at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Furhat in Veckans Affärer “När kan vi robotisera Per Schlingmann?” (in Swedish)

Social Robot to Help Senile Swedes Struggling With Dementia – Sputnik International

Furhat in Swedish newspaper DN about dementia (in Swedish)

BreakIt: Damberg, fester och bostadsbrist – här är snackisarna och skvallret i Almedalen (Swedish)

Furhat showcases its first robot replica of a Swedish minister – featured in Expressen TV (in Swedish)

Interview with Furhat’s CEO Samer Al Moubayed in cover article in Entreprenör Magazine (in Swedish)

Furhat as a tool for socialauxiliary means and rehabilitation – Neuroförbundet (in Swedish)

Furhat is picked up by Trendhunter

Furhat is picked up byFPSK, an innovation insight newsletter

Furhat featured in the We First blog

Furhatfeatured in the South Korean newswebsiteViva 100 (in Korean)

Furhat is featured in thechinese blog Robot Mocha (in Mandarin)

Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance meets Furhat as one of top tech startups outside Silicon Valley

Furhat is featured in Tech.Mic, commenting on uncanny valley

Furhat moves into Fryshuset gymnasium

Forbes delve into how human-robot relationships are changing

Article in “Svenskt Näringsliv” about Furhat’s flagship project in schools (in Swedish)

Children say hello to their new teaching assistant

Furhat becomes school children’s future homework aid

Samer Al Moubayed, Furhat’s CEO wins Stockholm Most Enterpreneurial Person award

Furhat talking to its makers at the London Science Museum

Swedish schools to use Furhat in different activities

Swedish schools get robot as a teacher (Swedish)

Furhat becomes assistant teacher in Swedish schools (Swedish)

Furhat as a teacher at Fryshuset, Stockholm – Buzzter (in Swedish)

Furhat visits the KTH library in Stockholm

Furhat is interviewing two astronauts at Fryshuset in Stockholm

Meet Furhat at Almedalsveckan 2015 interviews CEO Samer Al Moubayed on the story of Furhat

Furhat is used in applied research for interaction with smart homes

Come meet Furhat at the Swedish Museum of Science and Technology

Furhat is covered on the KTH newspage

Furhat in Aftonbladet – Robots can take over our jobs