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  • Swedish Furhat Robotics recruits from major Japanese competitor

    Swedish Furhat Robotics is growing quickly: the company has more than doubled its number of employees since last year. And now the latest addition to the team has been revealed: Furhat has recruited Alix Chen from major competitor SoftBank Robotics, creator of the well-known Pepper and NAO robots.

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  • The world’s most advanced social robot is coming to GITEX with Etisalat

    Furhat Robotics has partnered with leading telecom group Etisalat to bring social robots to GITEX Technology Week. The massive event is the first time audiences in the Middle East will be able to interact with the “world’s most social robot”.

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  • Swedish robotics startup recruits Tobii heavyweight

    After 14 years at eye-tracking tech company Tobii, Roger Nimbratt is joining Furhat Robotics as Head of Supply Chain.

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  • Furhat Robotics and Bandai Namco Research to bring anime characters to life

    A new partnership between Swedish startup Furhat Robotics and Japanese company Bandai Namco Research Inc. has resulted in one of the first interactive embodiments of a 2D character.

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  • Stockholm psychologist creates “depressed robot” for psychotherapy training

    Furhat Robotics and psychologist Robert Johansson have created a groundbreaking patient simulator robot, which can help standardize psychotherapy training.

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  • Robot concierge to assist millions of passengers in Germany and Japan

    A Swedish robot is now answering travelers’ questions in Germany and Japan – and might be used in the 2020 Olympic Games.

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  • Furhat Robotics receives UNESCO Netexplo 2019 Award for social robotics innovations

    Furhat Robotics is one of 10 companies to receive the 2019 Netexplo Award for global breakthrough digital innovations

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  • Stockholms Stad to test social robots in school classrooms

    Stockholms Stad, the Municipality of Stockholm, has announced it is beginning a groundbreaking trial program where social robots from Furhat Robotics will be used in classroom settings to…

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  • Furhat Robotics receives 2.3 million euro from the EU

    The European Innovation Council has granted more than 2.3 million euro to Furhat Robotics, enabling the company to scale up production and hire new recruits.

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  • Furhat Robotics and TNG build the world’s first Unbiased Recruiter Robot

    The vision behind the robot is to better analyze, understand and perform competency-based interviews and assessments eliminating unconscious bias – a very real issue in the recruitment world today…

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  • Furhat Robotics launches world’s most advanced social robotics platform

    Furhat Robotics is launching a ground-breaking social robot, demonstrating a significant advancement in the field of human-like robots and conversational Artificial Intelligence…

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  • FRAnny, Frankfurt Airport’s new multilingual robot concierge can help you in over 35 languages

    Swedish robotics startup Furhat Robotics has announced a partnership with Deutsche Bahn and Fraport and is launching FRAnny, a social robot to assist international travelers at…

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  • Lugn&Ro Akademin is announcing crowdfunding campaign on the Furhat Robotics platform

    World Diabetes Day brought the news to the public that Lugn&Ro Akademin are raising funds to develop healthcare applications for personal diabetes care built on the Furhat Robotics platform…

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  • DNB Norway offers work placement programmes with Furhat Robotics for Syrian refugees

    Norway’s largest financial group, DNB, is continuously looking for people with IT skills and is the first company in Norway to offer work experience in programming and innovation projects…

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  • Furhat Robotics raises $2.5m in a seed round led by Balderton Capital

    Furhat Robotics today announces that it has raised $2.5m in seed funding from two of Europe’s most active early stage venture capital investors, Balderton Capital and LocalGlobe. The…

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