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Furhat Robotics revolutionizes how people interact with information around them. Our vision is to build machines with social intelligence. Our forerunner innovation is the Furhat robot. No one who’s seen Furhat is left untouched.

The promise behind the development of Furhat is driven by a vision to build an interface that is psychologically closer to the human. Supported by deep scientific evidence, such interface would impact and engage the human in ways that are fundamentally different from any other computer interface. A machine that operates under human terms would open up tasks for robots that have only been assigned to humans.

The Furhat robot is an award-winning robot head that is based on years of research and development on social artificial intelligence. Furhat “body” is superior in that it is designed using computer animation with unique expressiveness and customizability, putting special focus on the personality and character of the robot. Furhat’s “brain” is powered by a state-of-the-art conversational intelligence platform which is used to build highly sophisticated and socially-aware spoken interactions with Furhat.

Furhat today is available as a development platform for researchers, developers, and early adopter partners, including some of the world’s most creative companies, and advanced research labs. Read more on some of the early markets Furhat is being developed to disrupt, and join us in building the first revolutionary applications in social robotics.

“Furhat is a promising stab at making mechanical creatures and computer interfaces appear and act more like humans”


“Furhat gradually learn more and more information and he learns how to interact with humans in a semi-human way”


“Furhat is a robotic platform that combines natural voice and gesture to create a more social, human experience”


“Furhat is about understanding how to make machines come to life and re-imagining the role computers can play with humans.”



Meet Furhat face to face, and see some of Furhat’s interactions in action with people. Check Furhat’s design and specs, it’s SDK and APIs, the supported sensors, and the ways you can use it. Read more >>.


Furhat Robotics started as a spin-off from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. We started with a vision to revolutionize how people interact with information around them, and we are on a long-term mission. Read More >>.


We believe that only by the collective creative power of a community of developers can social robotics see its potential. Start by using Furhat in your projects, or join our team and work with us towards building a more social world. Read More >>.


Furhat is entering the outside world, schools, care centers, and entertainment venues. Check out Furhat’s latest news, our recent projects, and covers on Furhat’s appearances. Read More >>.


Furhat DNA is in its team and its social, open, and inclusive culture. We are looking for the unique and daring, those who want to rethink computation and make the world a more social place. Join us if you believe in our journey. Read More >>.


We are now looking for talented people to join our team.  People who are passionate about understanding human behavior and social intelligence. Open positions:

Java developer

Front end Developer


Furhat Robotics are working with companies from different industries around the world. Here are some of the customers that use Furhat today:


Furhat is now available as a development platform for researchers, developers, and other early adopters who are looking to build spoken socially aware interactions with robots. Furhat is being used today by a broad range of research labs, AI development companies, and innovative end user corporations.


Since it started, Furhat Robotics has been winning top scientific awards at international venues, including the Christian Benoit Award, and the ICMI Outstanding Demo Award. Other innovations awards include:

Furhat wins Sweden’s robotics valley innovation award. Sweden’s top robotics award.

Furhat Robotics wins the Swedish Startup of the Year title for 2015 by Serendipity Innovation

Furhat Robotics wins the best Swedish pitch in Silicon Valley in 2015, awarded by Silicon Valley Forum

Furhat Robotics wins EdTech Startup Award 2016