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Furhat is a social robot that communicates with us humans as we do with each other - by speaking, listening, showing emotions and maintaining eye contact.


... at the airport mall hospital office

Furhat is ready to meet you in the real world. It can serve customers, provide companionship, train employees or teach a language. The only limit is your own imagination.

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... with social skills taught by you.

Our RDK provides unparalleled creative tools to easily design human-like personalities and complex multi-party interactions.
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If you are an entrepreneur, developer, designer or researcher, the time to build apps for social robots is now.

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The 7 best use cases for social robots

5th July 2019

What are the best applications for social robots? Which industries are on the verge of the new robotics revolution? Here are 7 ways social robots are about to change the world.

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Meet the human-like social robot that could train you at your next job — Strictly Robotsmashable monogram

1 July 2019

Stockholm-based technology startup Furhat Robotics designed a social robot that communicates with gestures and emotions similar to humans.

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software team

Unlike a human recruiter, we can control the robot’s behaviour in detailmashable monogram

27th June, 2019

How will social robots impact the future of work? Furhat Robotics CEO explains how robots can empower people and why we shouldn't be afraid.

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