Follow us on our journey as we bring social robots to the world

  • Why do we even need robots? Aren’t chatbots and avatars enough?
    Why are social robots better than chatbots or voice assistants? Here are four powerful reasons. Read more
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  • Behind the scenes: programming the world’s most advanced social robot
    What’s it like building a brand new program on the world’s most advanced social robot? With no how-to, no experience, and high ambitions? A software engineer shares his insights. Read more
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  • The 7 best use cases for social robots
    What are the best applications for social robots? Which industries are on the verge of the new robotics revolution? Here are 7 ways social robots are about to change the world. Read more
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  • How can social robots help us understand human suffering?
    Psychologist Robert Johansson has devoted his life’s work to helping those with mental illness. It’s a problem almost as old as humanity itself ... Read more
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  • What’s in a name? The story behind Furhat Robotics
    The power of a proper noun is not to be underestimated. So why on earth are we called Furhat Robotics? Read more
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